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Connecting Your Faith 

Faith is a vital part to so many people's daily life and experiences. And yet, there is still this eerie sense of "taboo" subjects in the Church, which often perpetuates the hurt and pain some Believers are feeling for very real and understandable reasons. My approach to working with folks who are wanting to draw closer to God is to provide a safe and non- judgmental opportunity to openly discuss their struggles in order to be able to reconcile their spiritual relationship, without an overwhelming and paralyzing sense of guilt and embarrassment.

As with Client's of any spiritual background, you are welcome to incorporate as much or as little of your personal faith in our work together as you feel is appropriate. Having a therapist who shares similar spiritual beliefs can be helpful in being able to feel more relaxed and at ease when discussing the intricate and intimate details of  how your faith is intertwined in your everyday life.